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You can take those spots out easily with benzine. You can't pass through there; the river has overflown its banks. That town is on the Atlantic coast. A crowd gathered on the river bank. The ship sank not far offshore. He doesn't take care of his health. Save your strength. He watches every cent.

He'll get well quickly if he takes care of himself. Watch your step; he's a tricky guy.

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Beware of pickpockets! Look out!

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It was purely a business conversation. Our chat lasted a whole hour. The chairman held an informal conference with the kolkhozniks. Our discussion was very lively. We chatted with your friend yesterday. What did you have such a lively discussion about? We nominated a non-party candidate. He's a non-party man. Admission Free. You'll receive free medical care.

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I don't want to disturb you. I'm sorry to trouble you. His high temperature worries me. It doesn't bother me at all. Don't worry about me; I'm not sick. Don't worry, I can finish it by myself. The patient spent a restless night. I have a very troublesome neighbor. He paced back and forth restlessly. You're doing useless work. Talking to him is absolutely useless. Why is your desk drawer always in such disorder? These constant new orders make for confusion in the work.

My room is in a terrible mess. He's a sick, feeble man. Unfortunately, we're powerless to do anything for you.

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I was mad as a hornet, but couldn't do anything about it. I've suffered from insomnia for some time now. I thought about it a long time as I lay awake. He's so scatterbrained I'm afraid he'll mix everything up. What he said was so mixed up that I didn't understand a thing. I consider this discussion absolutely pointless. I wandered aimlessly around the city all day yesterday. That house has a concrete foundation. You'll find that book in the public library. I have a good economics library. Don't throw your trolley ticket away before you reach your station. I've brought you two tickets for tonight's concert.

How long is this ticket good for? How much is a round-trip ticket to Moscow? Show your membership card. Standing room only. Have you any sterilized gauze bandages? You'll still have to keep your leg bandaged for a long time.

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  • The theater was packed. Try our hamburgers with sour cream. Why is he hitting the boy? The clock is striking twelve.

    You've been idle long enough! Don't be an alarmist; nothing terrible has happened.

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    I've been struggling with this problem for a long time. She's struggling hard to make a living. My heart was beating rapidly. I've worked over the stove for a full hour but just can't get it going. It was done only for your good. Let's walk; luckily we still have plenty of time. The best of luck to you! You don't have to thank me; I just did what I had to. Thanks a lot. Don't expect any gratitude from him. He accepted your offer gratefully. Don't mention it. Thanks to you I got into the theater yesterday. Thanks to your interference it didn't develop into a quarrel. The plane landed safely.

    Everything ended happily.


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    Under favorable conditions we'll finish this work tomorrow. We received a favorable report about him. That was really a fine thing to do. He's a very fine person. The telegraph blanks are on the table. Fill out this form and attach it to your application. Why are you so pale today? A light flickered in the distance. The idea just dawned on me.