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Over the s, the company enlarged and Luis A. Ferre became its chief engineer. By , the company had become the leading cement supplier on the island, much of it the result of increasing new highway and housing construction projects spreading throughout the Island. On 23 February the Ponce Cement plant received approval for conversion from a wet to a dry manufacturing process, which allowed it to almost double its output.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Puerto Rico portal. Company Profile. El Nuevo Dia. US Environmental Protection Agency. Retrieved 27 November Juan Llanes Santos, Historian. Amanda Vanstone will be likewise inspired to search for the elusive and mysterious Mr Wright. The film did make a digital transition, but curiously it was by way of a German Senator DVD, which offered only the trailer for the film and a few other trailers as extras.

The image was in but at least seemed open matte, and was reasonably sharp and with good colours. Hopefully the film will turn up on a streaming service in proper widescreen format, but this will likely only please devotees of the cast and romcom viewers who insist on devouring all examples of the genre. The film was clearly intended originally as both romcom and gentle satire on the obsessive behaviour of Royal watchers, and hustlers trying to make a buck capturing images that pandered to the obsessives through a self-serving media.

It's likely that, even in its original form, there would have been little in the film that would have appealed as a romcom. There's no impelling reason running through the narrative that drives Rob and Diana together, and their eventual declaration of love at the airport feels forced and contrived - as one reviewer observed, being neither romantic nor funny is a bit of a setback for an aspiring romcom. Neither of the main characters are particularly interesting, and things get grim when Diana launches into a paparrazi style chase after Lady Diana through the night streets of London.

All the actors work hard for the money, Collette perhaps too hard, and there are a few nice cameos, as with John Simm's pap Neil. The first extended attempt is a scene is in the street with Kylie Minogue and Oliver Tobias trying to avoid the cameras, but then things get really dire when the show tries to stage an Elton John birthday party, and has to wheel out celebrities of the Jonathan Coleman kind. Somehow Jerry Hall prised a head credit out of the producer - desperate times - and clearly Bob Geldof is the sort of celebrity who would pay the paps to get a little attention.

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He carries on about Di meets Di, saying the mags will snap it up. Rob tries to stop her, he did it for her, but she insists, turning on him:. Are you kidding??!! Still, no harm done. Toni Collette continued on in a fine career, and only a few years later Dominic West would turn up in one of the all time great television shows, The Wire.

The film now remains of interest mainly for the circumstances of its production, but even for fans of a good cast or ethnographers wanting to explore the s fascination with Lady Diana, the result is sometimes a hard slog and not just Warnie and Boonie type slogging. Producer Matt Carroll, who had previously shown a safe pair of hands Sunday Too Far Away , Breaker Morant , found himself on something of a sticky wicket with this outing, and with his next feature, the Percy Grainger biopic Passion.

See a story in The Age here , WM here. Her agent had this CV here :. Elizabeth has written several screenplays for television, including The Flying Doctors, G.

Diana and the lost Doll

The series has been commissioned by Channel 7 and will go into production in She was replaced by Matt Ford, and it was Ford, working with director David Parker, who had to come up with a top and tail, and a re-shaping of the cut following the death of the real Princess Diana. Ford was originally a singer for the band Machine Gun Fellatio , and much later began trading as Pinky Beecroft. He has a relatively detailed wiki listing here. On the literary side of things, the AWG had him listed here with this brief summary:. Matt Ford is a screenwriter, producer, musician and performer.

In he created, wrote and produced Hiding. For more on the project's development - the original lead was supposed to be more like Shirley Valentine - see an interview at the bottom of this page. She has a wiki here , and there is an interview with her at Urban Cinefile , here , saved to WM here. She ultimately learns about the scum factor of the paparazzi industry along the way. There's no love lost between her and the tabloid press. He has a wiki listing here. As well as attracting Roadshow, the film attracted money from the wealthy, subsequently divorced Alex and Heloise Waislitz, who scored co-EP credits.

Initially the creative team tried to downplay the tragedy and its impact on the film. The film has an integrity regarding the subject matter. Again, we do not have to and are not changing any of that dialogue or any of those confrontations. What audiences end up seeing will be 99 per cent of what was intended before the accident, Finney said.

The biggest decisions would probably involve the way the film would be marketed and publicised.

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The film was shot in Australia and London more than a year ago and it was important, he said, that people understood that. A report in the San Francisco Examiner on 17th October reported much the same news:.

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And virtually everyone involved with the picture was wary of offending Buckingham Palace. Sources said the picture now would be told as a memory that takes into account the death of Di in a car crash in a Paris tunnel over the Labor Day weekend. Sources agreed that the new scenes may shift the tone of the picture, which originally was lighthearted about the trials of being a royal. News of the re-shoot spread far and wide as did news that the palace might be contemplating legal action regarding any UK release. It was unlikely the film would be seen in cinemas this year.

The international press was equally besotted about any Diana-related matters. For example, The Atlanta Constitution on 10th December picked up on Australian press reports about the legal action and provided a short, garbled recounting of the situation:. Reps for Princess Diana could not be reached for comment. Both Parker and Carroll had high hopes for the film, and in an undated interview with Urban Cinefile , they were reported as saying:.

Parker, who was once a photographer himself, had a profound impact on the final screenplay, and his producer Matt Carroll believes the film has a "bloody good chance" of being a success. The film spent a considerable amount of money on pop music, and a CD of the soundtrack was released.

Planer has a wiki here. The others turn up at the party, though Jonathan Coleman is only glimpsed from side-on. In a general article about fashion and design in the Australian film industry, a Sun-Herald report on November 23rd noted:. Peter Malone: Diana and Me has had a strange history because history intervened. David Parker: I remember saying to Nadia partner Nadia Tass at the time I must have had a very pleasant previous life for things like this to happen.

I was very happy with the film we made.

Quinceañera Saravs Diana Ponce

I thought that, even though it was probably a more standard type of formula, it was a really interesting idea and I felt that we had to shoot it pretty darn well. Malone: You touched into the whole excitement of magazine competitions, royalty, Australians, abroad and British photographers. Matthew and Sarah Brown. Castech Products, Inc. January 15, Lisa Barron. Nilzadete Ganley. Mintaka, LLC. Irene Mizrahi. Daniel K. January 9, Joel Aramis. January 8, Unique Florida, LLC.

Andrew Pauka. January 7, Yanqiu Zhuo and Xiuili Zheng.

December 28, John Suh and Ashley Kim. December 20, Cornelius Oprisiu. December 18, Tianzhi Chu. December 14, Dennis Berry.