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Age of Delirium

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Delirium | Royal College of Psychiatrists

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The Hospital Elder Life Program: A model of care to prevent cognitive and functional decline in older hospitalized patients. Hospital Elder Life Program. J Am Geriatr Soc ; 48 : NICE quality standard Delirium in adults. July On the other hand, if a previously unrecognized severe cognitive disorder was found, the patient probably could not consent, requiring consent from a substitute decision-maker. This study has several strong features. The study will determine the perioperative delirium prevalence, measured with I-CAM-S, for the first time in a large multicenter German sample.

Despite its high prevalence and consequences, delirium is often underdiagnosed in hospitalized older adults. In particular, this is the case for hypoactive delirium because patients with this syndrome are often not disruptive [ 8 ]. To tackle this issue, we will use the five-item I-CAM, a useful diagnostic and screening tool for ICD delirium that includes abnormal psychomotor activity and is sensitive for the detection of hypoactive delirium [ 28 ].

In addition, we will use a complementary chart review [ 31 ] to ascertain the detection of delirium beyond the established sensitivity and specificity of the I-CAM. While we cannot exclude disruptions of blinding of outcome assessors in this complex trial, we nevertheless attempted to ensure blinding of the assessors as much as was feasible in this trial. Another advantage of the study is the development of a multisector, individualized, multiprofessional and multimodal delirium and POCD prevention program.

There is now strong evidence indicating that such multicomponent interventions can prevent delirium in hospitalized patients, and indicating the importance of adequate training of the involved staff [ 16 ]. Another strength of the study is the design as a stepped-wedge cluster randomized controlled trial, which allows modeling of effects within and between sites of the delirium prevention and management program. Such evidence is of higher quality than results obtained from nonrandomized studies [ 74 ].

In addition, by using a stepped-wedge design, the intervention will be made available to all clusters by the end of the trial [ 75 ], avoiding the controversial situation in which control groups have no intervention. The study will also investigate whether the intervention is cost-effective, so that the improvement of quality of life does not involve higher costs, and the care needs are lower than without the intervention. Given that delirium is highly multifactorial and is linked to many other common geriatric syndromes, it is expected that improving its diagnosis and treatment will be a very practical and effective strategy to improve outcomes, decrease costs, and raise the quality of the healthcare system wide [ 14 ].

Finally, the results of the study are intended to be a milestone for new German guidelines for the prevention and management of delirium in surgery, and for dealing with the frequent and insufficiently diagnosed POCD. In this way, the results of an elective operation will be better, the patient safety and quality of life will be improved, and the long-term risk of dementia will be minimized. Furthermore, from an economic perspective, diagnosing cognitive deficits early and minimizing POD and POCD should be beneficial for patients, caregivers, hospitals, and healthcare insurances.

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